It’s About Us

is not about wedding party
is not about wedding gown
is not about spending lots of money
is not about two beautiful rings
is not just about living With husband or wife,
but, it is about living As a husband or a wife
is not about you
is not about me
is about Us
is about a life contract between two persons, in this case, You and Me
is about two become one
one heart, one vision, one mission
is about carry each others
is about how to understand each others
and encourage each others
is about live with someone who always says “We can do it! as long as we’re stay together.”
and someday, somewhere, when we say, “Yes I Do!”, it means…
Yes I Do love you
Yes I Do, I want to be with you forever
Yes I Do, I want to be a good husband/wife
Yes I Do,
I’m falling for you, and I want to Flying with you
All I’m and all I will be…is in you.

To others, love graphics maybe like this:


But to me, love graphics just like this:
Circle is Enough

Circle is Enough

Yes. It’s a circle, there’s no ending, right? Just like a ring…

About neitneit

Call me Tien. It's simple and good enough.
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6 Responses to It’s About Us

  1. gembul says:

    cuit cuit yg uda kebelet merried huahaha
    jd kpn ni?? jgn tungguin g boleh duluan kok =))

  2. Marina says:

    Yess!!! I Do, agree!!

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