Powered By Nature

Huahhh…Setelah bulan lalu gue hanya pulang ke rumah virtual sebanyak 2 kali saja alias 2 kali ngepost, maka bulan ini gue harap bisa meluangkan waktu lebih banyak buat ngobrol di blog. Banyak yang mau gue ceritain di sini buat pembaca setia (setia kan? setia gak? *maksa*) huehehehe…

Dan sebagai pembuka bulan November, gue mau kasih sebuah lirik lagu yang sangat indah (setidaknya menurut gue). Lagu ini gue ambil dari satu album musik aliran New Age, yaitu Secret Garden. Salah satu group/duo new age favorite gue sejak jaman SMP dulu. Gue membeli album ini beberapa hari yang lalu ketika jalan-jalan ke Singapore. Seharusnya album ini masuk di Jakarta juga, tapi gue gak melihatnya sepanjang tahun 2011 kemarin, mungkin terlewat.

Selamat menikmati 🙂

Secret Garden - Winter Poem (2011)

Secret Garden – Winter Poem (2011)

Words and music by Rolf Lovland

I’m powered by nature
weak, but strong I stand…
before the force of elements
of this wild and wondrous land…
I’m powered by nature
the mystery it hides
the rain and sun encircles
the synthesis of life…

I’m powered by the miracle
of a newborn, budding rose
to see the spring abloom
and everything that grows
I’m powered by forest
walking in the green
where I can smell the earth
and drink the water, clean…

I’m powered by rivers
running mind, running free
from the highest mountain
down to the deep blue sea
I’m powered by the ocean
that calls my yearning heart
to reach for the horizon
far beyond the far

I’m powered by snow
that covers all in white
that lets the summer sleep
and slumber through the night
I’m powered by the darkness
in the long winter nights
when I see a glimps
of the flairing Nothern lights..

I’m powered by stars
on the endless sky
lightyears from the earth
but closer when I fly
But even I soar
in poems and songs
I must always return
to where my hearts belongs

I’m powered by moonlight
the eternal ebb and flow
the rhythm of the nature
running through my blood
I’m powered by the seasons
winter, spring, summer, and fall
the ever-changing colours
and the beauty of them all

I’m powered by the sun
shining down on me
I’m like a flower
absorbing energy
I’m powered by wind
blowing through my hair
I’m breathing life
breathing clean, fresh air

I’m powered by mountains
that let me fell so small
so I can seize the wonder
and the greatness of it all
I know i’m not alone
here on planet earth
I know I’m a part…
of God’s great universe!

I know I’m a part…
of God’s great universe!

Album: Secret Garden – Winter Poem
Year : 2011
Country: Norway
Genre : New Age
Produced by: Rolf Lovland
Co-produced by: Fionnuala Sherry


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  1. id@ says:

    ayoooo sekarang cerita ttg jalan2 honey moon nya *hihihiihi

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